Jordan the Actor

Jordan is trained in the Meisner technique and studied with The Groundlings.

Acting Credits

Jordan Roberts was cast by Kerry Barden (“Spotlight,” “The Help” & “Dallas Buyers Club”) to play Karen in the comedy feature, “Waking Up Dead” (to be released in 2021). Roberts has also joined the cast of the dark comedy thriller, “Relevant,” a hybrid feature film/TV series, where she will portray Kate Simmons, a blackballed journalist fighting to get the story of a lifetime, while being held captive by a serial killer, as they battle their mutual attraction in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Producer Roger Neal is collaborating with Roberts on her upcoming one-woman-shows for 2021 & 2022: “Jane Fonda: Unstoppable!” and “Exit Laughing: Joan Rivers from Heaven” (a retrospective, blended with what would be Rivers’ current comedic take on today’s world from her perch in heaven.)

Roberts has created an exciting business model for a new platform to tell more women’s stories. “Before I Make a Movie” empowers eight A-List producer-actresses with brand funding, crowd-funding and charity partners. “I love riding the tide of creative collaboration as an actor, writer and producer, with a personal ‘sweet spot’ for projects that speak truth and justice, empower women, give voice to the voiceless and celebrate the human condition.” – Jordan Roberts

The 2020 Democratic National Convention requested and received in-kind video excerpts from documentaries, co-hosted by Jordan Roberts: “Before I Vote for You” and “Mass Incarceration Nation.”

TELEVISION: In the TV movie/back-door pilot, “Two Close,” Jordan Roberts delights as Alexandra Plute, the University Dean of Students, who graduated at the top of her class at Harvard and is on her second divorce. With an unpredictable temperament and a heart of gold, Dean Plute bounces between control freak, angel of mercy, and hot mess, as the default referee for all drama and hijinks ensuing on campus. In Lifetime’s thriller, “Officer Down,” Roberts portrays Christine Gorman, a corrupt, criminal attorney who is pursued by a detective (Sherilyn Fenn), until one of them ends up dead. In the TV movie/back-door pilot, “Coyotes,” Roberts plays the role of Dr. Andrea Marsh, a renegade doctor giving medical aid to illegal immigrants at the Arizona border. Additional TV credits include: “Just Shoot Me,” “That 70’s Show,” “Passions” and “The Young and the Restless.”

INDIE FILMS: As the abused wife of a police detective, Jordan Roberts makes the jaw-dropping transformation from victim to killer in “Spotless”, produced by Casey LaScala & John Katzman. Roberts delights as the boozy, wicked stepmother in Zakaria Schwartz’ modern day Cinderella story, “Frozen Heart.” In Jose Sanchez’ horror / thriller, “The Son,” Roberts portrays a grieving mother spiraling into insanity. In “Big Wings,” Roberts plays Francine, an angel who mentors a troubled teenager, helping her find acceptance, faith and forgiveness. Jordan Roberts is haunting as Brooke, a punk rocker who is drugged and gang-raped in “The After Party.” In “Bereft,” Roberts portrays Marie, a beloved wife and mother who is suddenly killed, leaving father and daughter spiraling in incestuous grief. Roberts’ first leading role was in the comedy feature, “Butch Camp,” where she plays Janet, a hairdresser in love with two men, who both dump her for each other.

Jordan Roberts studied Journalism, Film and TV writing at UCLA. She trained as an actor at The Meisner Carville School of Acting, The Strasberg Institute, The Groundings, Lembeck Comedy Workshop and UBC. She has served multiple terms on Women In Film’s Board of Directors as Advocacy Chair and Newsletter Editor, and IFP (now Film Independent) as Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair. Roberts began her career in theatre, radio, stand-up comedy and voice-over; she’s currently the voice of four top brands! Roberts loves yoga, soccer, piano, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, photography, major league baseball and creating fun adventures with friends.

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