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Jordan Roberts and Friends (JRF) is a hub for content, with an entire slate of film, television and media projects at various stage of development. 


“Before I Vote for You” (BIVFU) is a documentary series whose mission is to create greater community by unleashing America’s biggest super power:  our next generation of voters.  BIVFU will make the case that politicians are using our wedge issues and broken systems to divide voters; and our only hope for redemption is claiming our power at the polls.  BIVFU will be hosted by Jordan Roberts and Friends: our future generation of 12 audacious and innovative journalists with diverse perspectives.  [A companion BIVFU podcast series, funded by brands, is in preparation.]

 “My Family Voted for Trump” (MFVT) is a documentary series that will explore how our wedge political issues and broken systems are hijacking the American family.  It seems being at vicious political odds with someone you love is an epidemic.  MFVT’s goal is to bring our nation and divided families back together during this historic era of discord. Prominent psychologists, therapists and relationship coaches will work with our conflicted families, providing the framework and tools to begin reconciliation.  MFVT’s creator and co-host is Jordan Roberts, a Democrat voter, whose family voted for Trump.  She will be joined by a Republican co-host (Trump voter), whose family is anti-Trump.  Together, they set an edgy, humorous and passionate tone, acting as conduits between our coaching experts and divided families.  While showing the personal toll of political infighting and divisiveness, MFVT will give viewers, and our families who voted for Trump, an actionable template to begin healing and reconnection, and move towards a brighter future. [A companion MFVT podcast series, funded by brands, is in preparation.]

“A MATTER OF OPINION: Marriage Equality” Jordan Roberts’ directorial debut, a daring documentary feature about bigotry of same-sex marriage, 12 years in-the-making.

“A MATTER OF OPINION: Mass Incarceration Nation” is a documentary that explores the question: Does America’s prison system violate the 13th Amendment?  An ACLU Study claims that Los Angeles County Jails, with an average daily population nearing 22,000, are the biggest jail system in the world and one of the most troubled in the United States.  To accommodate this population growth, in the last 30 years, the state built 23 new prisons at a cost of $280-350 million dollars each.  During this time, the State built just one new college.  “The U.S. is home to 5% of the world’s population, but holds 25% of the world’s prisoners.  Think about that…”  —  President Barack Obama


“In Our Own Backyards” (treatment) is a hybrid TV/digital series that promises to deliver the greatest dilemma of all-time to a TV audience.  This seven-night event will move viewers from apathy to action, inspiring its audience to become heroes in their own backyards.  Funded by brands, “In Our Own Backyards” is an audacious roadmap to community.  “In Our Own Backyards” is a seven-night television event combined with three live streaming entertainment extravaganzas, where we will create greater community in America by inspiring our viewers to become heroes!  Think “American Idol” meets philanthropy on steroids.  It’s a hybrid television series with a live streaming component, pulling together human interest, social outrage, social media, celebrity and philanthropy for an urgent, time-sensitive competition- elimination series.  This one-hour TV show, along with three 90 minute live-streaming fundraisers (with A-List Entertainment funded entirely by Brands and supporting cause) will bring the audience nine unforgettable, real-life, emotionally volatile, heartwarming stories.  Each story is attached to a philanthropic organization, and for seven weeks, these nine stories will compete for the $1 million grand prize….. Imagine the agonizing dilemma, while text and social media votes come in live from around the U.S., you can only vote for one of these causes!  (Note: All nine charities equally split proceeds from the three live streaming fundraisers.)  The goal of “In Our Own Backyards” is to bring those in need to the forefront and promote the spirit of giving, ultimately building a deeper, kinder and more trusted community in America.  This is a show where viewers will experience the individual heroism that exists in each of us if we only hear the call.  [An In Our Own Backyards podcast series is in development.]

“Before I Marry You” (BIMY) > SITCOM > is a half -hour comedy about love, commitment, obsession, insecurity and “pre-buyers marital remorse,” as we follow JONATHAN and ELIZABETH, who are hopelessly in love, until Elizabeth responds to Jonathan’s proposal with a detailed list of the things he needs to change before she’ll marry him.  BIMY is a cross between “Mad About You, “Friends” and “I Love Lucy.”

“Last Call for Hope:  The Donna Learmont Story” (feature film) is the true story of genuine human sacrifice as a Michigan teacher, and mother of three, attempts to rescue ten kids from war-torn Bosnia and Croatia, risking her job, her marriage and her life…..     [VIDEO of Real-life National News is on the right side of this page > Click Here]  [One page synopsis > Click Here]

“Before I Hire You” – In the works: sizzle reel.  Summary outline/treatment.  Casting in progress > television series, book and podcast.

“Before I Get Out of Jail” (BIGOJ) is a thought provoking, suspenseful and entertaining television series whose mission is to reduce recidivism by providing a full spectrum of customized coaching to 12 inmates being released from jail. The Emerging Leaders Academy curriculum begins four weeks before an inmate’s release, and continues for six more weeks outside of jail.   Academy members will embark on the delicate and challenging journey of turning their tragedies into triumphs.  They will learn essential mindsets and skillsets while engaging in forums geared toward re-shaping belief systems, building self-reliance, self-empowerment, identifying employment and creating action plans for achievement. Viewers will witness compelling emotional breakthroughs and discoveries, surprise twists and miracles, and the power of redemption.  “We need to break the psychological barriers.  Inmates need to learn that they were born into a broken system.  Once they get that, then I can show them a way out.”– Clyde Terry, Producer/Head Coach, “Before I Get Out of Jail,” Founder of Emerging Leaders Academy, former U.S. Marine & Deputy Sheriff (27 years), LASD.


“Before I Marry You” (BIMY) is a non-scripted television series whose mission is to provide couples considering “getting engaged” with customized coaching plans and pre-marriage education, so they can make informed choices and conscious decisions as they evaluate the compatibility and strength of their relationship, before deciding to get married.   [A companion BIMY podcast series, funded by brands, is in preparation.]

“Before I Have a Baby” (BIHAB) is a non-scripted television series whose mission is to provide couples considering parenthood with customized coaching plans and pre-baby education, so they can make informed choices and conscious decisions as they evaluate the compatibility and strength of their relationship, before deciding to have a baby.  [A companion BIHAB podcast series, funded by brands, is in preparation.]

Jordan Roberts is currently writing “Relevant,” an edgy, first of its kind, hybrid feature film / TV series, a dark comedy thriller about a blackballed journalist trying to get the story of a lifetime while being held captive by a serial killer, as they battle their attraction to each other.

Roberts’ last film, “Underhanded,” was accepted into three film festivals:  San Pedro International Film Festival (2017), Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (February 2018) and Pasadena International Film Festival (Spring 2018)

Roberts studied Journalism, Film and TV writing at UCLA.  A classically trained actress, award-winning radio personality and comedienne of 100 celebrity voices, Roberts studied at The Meisner Carville School of Acting, Strasberg Institute, Groundings, Lembeck Comedy Workshop and UBC.   She served multiple terms on Women In Film’s Board of Directors as Advocacy Chair and Newsletter Editor, and IFP (now Film Independent) as Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair.

Jordan Roberts and Friends will soon be announcing its impressive Board of Advisors!  Stay Tuned!

“Jordan’s tenacious spirit and drive brought our business to great new heights, including our management of GM’s cultural transformation. She was instrumental in attaining our TV development deal at ITV Studios. She also worked closely with our partner, Peter Guber on his branding, book marketing and speaking business. Jordan’s ability to create instant intimacy with others is off the charts, and allowed her to maintain deep and trusted relationships with our Fortune 100 C-Suite clients.” Testimonial from Keith Ferrazzi, CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight; former CMO of Starwood Hotels and Deloitte, #1 NY Times-Best Selling Author of “Who’s Got Your Back” and “Never Eat Alone” 

White RabbitA Matter of OpinionUnderhandedRelevantLast Call for Hope
White Rabbit

White Rabbit Movie Poster
“After you see this movie, news stories about bullying and campus shootings will strike a deeper cord.” – Variety

“White Rabbit delivers an urgent battle cry at a time when we have more than 200 campus shootings each year!” – The Hollywood Reporter

“White Rabbit is a powerful statement about our society today and how we treat each other, in school, at home, online. It haunted us.”
Chicago Sun Times

A Matter of Opinion
Produced by Jordan Roberts

A documentary feature about human rights and full marriage equality.

A Matter of Opinion


Underhanded Movie Poster

In Pre-Production
Last Call for Hope
Screenplay by Jordan Roberts

The true story of genuine human sacrifice as a Michigan teacher, and mother of three, attempts to rescue ten kids from war-torn Bosnia and Croatia, risking her job, her marriage, and her life.