Last Call for Hope

Nightly, the world news dulls our senses with story after story of civil strife, pointless killings and homeless refugees. Imagine a woman who rises above the mind-numbing effects of these far-away events and starts a personal quest to make a difference. This is the true story of Donna Learmont, a pregnant Michigan teacher who set out to bring the children of Bosnia and Croatia a ray of hope.

Donna Learmont began watching the impersonal news accounts of atrocities in war-torn Bosnia and Croatia with horror. As the world stood silently by, children were being stripped not only of their homes, belongings, parents, but also of their dignity, their innocence, their hope. “Why isn’t anyone helping these children?” became her obsession; and she was moved to action, badgering government authorities and religious organizations to do something, anything. After months of frustration at their inaction, Donna set out on a dangerous rescue mission to Zagreb in hopes of releasing ten young people from the suffering of war so they could study and live with host families in America.

The first half of the screenplay parallels Donna’s complicated decision to leave her husband, young son, and twin infants behind in order to rescue the children, as the young refugees fight to remain alive in their chaotic country. The second half of the story tracks Donna’s struggles in the war zone to get all of the children safely released. It chronicles the students’ horrifying war experiences and the truly heroic sacrifices their families had to make as they say “good-bye” to their children, in some cases, for the last time.

Donna Learmont, a mother, a teacher, a wife, is a person much like many of us, but fate had something greater in store for her; and she had the courage and determination to match it. “Last Call For Hope” is a timely story of courage and genuine sacrifice, which will allow us to experience the individual heroism that can exist in each of us, if we only hear the call.

Screenplay by: Jordan Roberts
Log line: The true story of genuine human sacrifice as a Michigan teacher, and mother of three, attempts to rescue ten kids from war-torn Bosnia and Croatia, risking her job, her marriage, and her life.

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Jordan is a confidante and former student of Donna Learmont.
Jordan owns the rights to this inspirational true story.